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Triceratop Rock

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Midnight Fire
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Introduce your project. When it started ? Why alone, duo, three, etc ? Why these instruments ?

Triceratop Rock was started as a solo surf-psych project in NYC at the onset of the pandemic -- prompted by quarantine. Starting in March of 2020, New Yorkers were leaving town, bars and venues were closing, and people were isolating. This left a lot of time to reflect, play the guitar, and record some of new ideas -- a new project emerged. A solo project made sense given the times, remote collaborations were a bit difficult, and venues were closed. Within a few weeks some instrumental songs were coming together, and by June 1, 2020, the first album was released. This started the ball rolling, and the project has been growing since then.

Which part of the world do you come from ? Do you gig mainly in your local music scene or more outside (or even abroad) ?

We live in Moscow, Russia. Last years—before the lockdown due to COVID-19—we played more in Europe than in Russia. Pandemic changed everything. In 2021, we went on tour in Russia, it was truly great. But we keep in mind that most of our audience lives in Europe and America. We’re really waiting for the situation to change, and we're incredibly anxious to start touring abroad again.

What's the reason that made you want to start this project ?

I realized it was time to finally start playing what I had always wanted. My greatest challenge was to find allies and a proper rhythm section.

What made you explore this music style ?

Our love for classic rock and blues. I guess all these trendy genre definitions, including stonerand so on, are nothing more than labels. It's all rooted in the blues and partially in the jazz (like all rock and metal music in general). Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson— these are the ones whom our hearts are given to forever.

Why people listen to your music/should discover your band according to you ? What is it about you that makes you appealing to others ?

Oh, I can’t say for sure, it would be better to ask our listeners. It seems to me we are loved for the emotions we share with our audience at concerts. By the way, we often play our tracks a little differently than we did before, and it gives the impression of something truly alive. In my view, it's boring to listen to a band which plays one and the same song in the same way year by year. You can listen to us at different gigs with getting something new each time. Both at concerts and in the studio we always try to create a wave that would lift us to its crest. If we succeed at it, then the audience gets involved in our journey, and that's great.

Which band(s) would you recommend ?

To tell you the truth, I don't really follow the local scene. But I can name a few projects. For example, we played recently in Yaroslavl with an excellent band Mighty Hill. And last year we played in St. Petersburg with Transnadežnost.

What places left the biggest impression on you, whether touring, a journey or otherwise ?

We played several concerts which appeared to be milestones for us. For example, a gig on the roof of a theater in Moscow; neighbours from nearby houses were unhappy about the volume and called the police. I must also mention a concert on a mountain in France,at La Clusaz ski resort — it was extremely awesome! We played in the snow while some people ski-jumped next to us. It gave us a lot of strength, memories, and creative energy. There was also a memorable festival in Cyprus: we played at night in front of a huge audience in the desert. It was unforgettable.

What kind of energy do you prefer ? Large venues or small ones ? Why ?

We like the contact with ouraudience, no matter how many people are gathered. The Re-Stoned played concerts even in front of 30 people, but we felt comfortable and pleased to be with them. That stands to reason, when there's a lot of people and everyone’s getting excited, it can be more stimulating. We like small clubs — there’s a possibility to build the strongest connection to the audience. But we also like big venues. Just slightly different energies, you know.

How do you keep in touch with your « fans » ?

I try to respond to all the messages that come in on Facebook and Instagram. We also like to talk to our fans after concerts.

If I say « art » what are you thinking about ?

It’s about something beautiful, and it doesn't matter what it is — a book, or music, or architecture. Art changes our world and makes it more interesting.

And if I say « book » ?

It's a printed book that you can read by turning the pages, and it may even be worn and smell like it has been taken from a dusty bookcase.

Does music have to carry a message or not necessarily ? Does it need an identity or can it exist by itself according to you ?

We create our own world out of sounds. We weave a web that gives us emotions. They may be very different, but on the whole it all refers to creation. An embellishment of the world. By the way, I made a paradoxical observation about the people who come to our concerts. Even though we play pretty heavy music, we have very enlightened and profound audience. It works forallthe countries we visited.

Which place emerging artists have in your country/province ?

It seems to me that for beginners nowadays everything is easier and more complicated at the same time. There are plenty of music studios where you can rehearse. Lots of equipment, guitars, etc. You can record a single track and put it on the streaming platforms, and a lot of people will hear it. But the problem is that there are too many bands and there's not as much interest in them as there was 20 years ago. And I think the availability of information could also be interpreted as a problem.

How do you perceive Canada and Quebec ? How are they in your mind ? What kind of image do you have about them ?

I think it's cold there, maybe even colder than in Moscow. It would be amazing to come to you with concerts. We send a lot of The Re-Stoned merch to Canada, and they often ask when we're coming over.

And about canadians, quebecois ?

Unfortunately, I've never talked live with Québécois(or at least if I did, I knew nothing about their origins). Hope to catch up in the future.

Thank you !

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